Things to Know When Selecting a WordPress Theme for Your Personal Blog

Making a WordPress website or blog is no easy task. There are several things that require your attention and time when you are looking to make an attractive personal blog on WordPress. One of the important aspects that need your utmost attention is the selection of the theme for your WordPress blog. You can easily find a number of themes online; free and paid. However, there are various things you need to know when selecting the theme for your personal blog. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Keep it Simple

You will find plenty of WordPress themes that have flashy animations, complex designs, and vibrant colors. Opting for such themes for your personal blog may make it complicated for your readers. The best way is to follow the minimalistic approach and make your blog simple. The focus should be on the content of your blog rather than the designs, style, and color. Browser Compatibility There are various browsers that are available for the users, make sure the theme you have selected for your WordPress blog is supported by all the browsers. You must test the smooth operation of that particular theme on multiple browsers to check its compatibility before selecting it. Responsive With the increasing number of smartphone users, it is a wise decision to opt for such a theme that can make your blog responsive. The current generation is always on the go; they don’t have much time to open their laptops and read your blog. Making your blog responsive will make it run as smoothly as it runs on a laptop or desktop computer thus you will be able to cater to mobile users as well. SEO Friendly You will definitely like your blog to reach out a wider audience. Not many people have this idea but the theme they select for their personal WordPress blog can help them out in enhancing the search engine optimization of their blog. Look for the tag “SEO ready” or “SEO Optimized” when selecting the theme. You can check the SEO efficiency of the select theme by installing an extension on Chrome browser. Customization You will definitely like your personal blog to be personalized in the way you look. Most of the WordPress themes are providing the users the option of dashboard through which they can customize the look of their blogs and change its appearance the way they like to have. As we all know having too many choices can make things even more complicated, same is the case with the selection of WordPress themes. With the huge number of choices available, it can be a daunting task to choose the right theme for your blog. However, things can be simpler if you are clear in your mind about your requirement. Rest of process can be made easier by following the tips explained above.

There are dozens of collections of WordPress themes that might help you out, like this 60+ Of The Best WordPress Personal Blog Themes60+ Of The Best WordPress Minimalist Themes or even these great WordPress themes for writers.  If you use one of these collections to select a theme, you can rest assured that the template will be of the highest quality.