Wright? Wright!

Wright is a minimalist WordPress theme at it’s finest.  I love the responsive layout and the grid based design of this theme.  There’s not a pixel out of place and absolutely nothing will get between your content and your readers.  Wright is like a major league portfolio from MadeByMinimal and it’s a simple way to highlight all of your best your work.  This fantastic WordPress photographer’s theme is precisely right for your pictures portfolio. If you’ve absolutely got to have a terrific, striking and convenient WordPress portfolio with cool SEO together with a wide range of simple qualities, this splendid project is great for everyone. So long as you or your company requires a technique to flaunt attractive visions, try out solid WordPress theme.   This stripped down theme is pure and clean.  While it’s simple, it’s not simplistic.  Made By Minimal has put a lot of thought into this theme’s design and it shows.  Built in blog makes it perfect for a personal blogging site as well as a photography portfolio.  WordPress portfolio themes are a great idea for a out of sight internet site.

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Origin is a staggering grid-based theme that tells a story through imagery, like most WordPress Portfolio Themes. Origin builds an engaging user experience (which Google adores by the way!) by saturating the screen with your amazing artwork or photos. Origin, which is made by Elegant Themes, is responsive too, so it’s going to look and perform great on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices as well. If you need a fundamentally sound place to showcase your latest pictures or art, or if you’re a blogger who wants to give your readers an engaging and rewarding way to browse through your latest posts, Origin is perfect for you!  In fact, Portfolio WordPress themes are a perfect option for a some very excellent web-page.

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